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Our enterprise is specialized on manufacturing all types of high-grade aviation obstruction lights with low, moderate and high intensity. We are a market leader in the field of development and batch manufacturing type A low intensity aviation obstruction lights on Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European Markets.

Aviation obstruction light is a type of light signaling equipment with a red light signal, main optical and physical parameter of which is luminous intensity. According to ICAO international aviation requirements, luminous intensity of low intensity obstruction lights type A cannot be lower than     10 Cd., luminous intensity for type B low intensity obstruction lights cannot be lower than 32 Cd. Moderate and high intensity obstruction lights have their own standards, and our company managers will provide you with all the necessary consulting assistance thereof.

We are an enterprise with complete aviation obstruction lights production cycle, starting from raw materials shipping to output produce assembly and testing. We implemented a system, providing total end product quality control at a certified testing centre laboratory, allowing us to easily and responsibly provide the unprecedented warranty term of 10 years for specific produce types.

We perform more than thirty professional trials during aviation obstruction lights manufacturing, and in such a manner we supervise and maintain our produce quality.

Our goal is to annually extend our assortment with brand new solutions of the highest quality, to constantly analyze fruits of our labor and strive to improve the produce, serial manufacture of which is already up and running. Such an approach allows our company to maintain a leading position in manufacturing obstruction lights and high-rise objects twilight indication control systems.

Since the time of establishing the company, we managed to combine a team of highly skilled specialists with vast experience of manufacturing lighting and electronic equipment.

Obstruction lights development and manufacture is performed with consideration of global advanced experience, know-hows and best offers from our competitors worldwide.

When it comes to raw materials and accessories procurement, we choose only trusted and well-known international brands. Quality of all raw materials and microelectronic components is confirmed by quality certificates, obtained from manufacturers. As a result we receive only high-grade modern solutions, exploitation of which will last for many years to come.

We prefer raw materials and component parts from worldwide renowned companies, such as DOW, LG Chem, BAYER, SAMSUNG, CREE, LEOCH, ABB, PHILIPS.

Procurement of raw materials and components directly from the manufacturer, allows decreasing end produce prime cost, which reflects in moderate prices for aviation obstruction lights manufactured by Liberty International.

Liberty International is an enterprise with a developed international quality control system (ISO 9001), providing compliance to tight standards and requirements.

Considering modern technologic requirements, competition factors and strives towards business development, in 2010 we performed a technical retrofitting of our manufacturing zones and as a result, gained an opportunity of manufacturing obstruction lights equal in parameters and performance characteristics to leading counterparts worldwide.

Manufacturing process is fully automated. Personnel role in production is reduced to a reasonable minimum. Liberty International obstruction lights design is so advanced, that human activities on the manufacturing line are reduced to simple operations like quality control and packaging complete produce.

Obstruction lights casing, manufactured by Liberty International, is a patented monolithic structure without weaknesses allowing equipment to operate without maintenance and object re-equipment expenses for many years. Warranty on lighting equipment casing, manufactured by our company, constitutes ten years.

DOW (Switzerland) Optic Shockproof Polycarbonate, employed in obstruction lights manufacture combines high light transmission with excellent service performance. This material is outstandingly strong, capable of withstanding multiple thermal shocks and resistant to different environmental effects.

Optic equipment casing is manufactured from grey impact-resistant polycarbonate, providing high durability and prolonged service life. It is worth mentioning that modern polymer materials employment provides a significant end product weight decrease, which is quite convenient during equipment installation.

All obstruction lights, manufactured by our company, are resistant to frost, rain, salt spray, dynamic dust, vibration stress, solar irradiation and acute temperature changes (thermal impact);

All aviation obstruction lights comply with international standards related to radio frequency electromagnetic field, and as it pertains to electromagnetic compatibility and industrial radio interference from electric lighting equipment.

We can offer unique low intensity LED obstruction lights with broad supply voltage band (30 - 265 V) allowing connection to alternating and direct current without observation of polarities, equipped with a built-in overload protection and a status monitoring system allowing tracking the intactness of each separate obstruction light.

Our high-rise twilight lighting indication control modules, equipped with obstruction light monitoring systems are one of the best offers one can get in this segment, fully matching the best counterparts worldwide. Our control blocks, are chambered in high-grade durable casings with different protection levels and are intended for internal as well as external exploitation. All system components are designed for operation in complex climate conditions, upon low electric power quality and are equipped with an accumulator unit buffered storage providing working capacity for 12 hours.

All offered equipment is aimed to satisfy needs of the most demanding customers.

Constant stock of different aviation obstruction light models and ability to deliver them in a tight schedule makes our enterprise an obvious choice as a supplier.

We are pleased to guarantee diligence in relation to customers tasks and highly qualified performance.

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